Spare and wearing parts

Mesma Elevatoren

Fastening elements for elevators
Elevator buckets COLUMBUS (pressed)
Elevator buckets DIN 15231 (folded)
Elevator buckets type 'C' (welded) 

Mesma Elevatoren

Rubber-elevator belts
(structured or paneled with rubber)

Rubber-elevator belts (paneled with rubber)

Mesma Filter

Filter sleeves and sleeve cages

Mesma Filz

Felt seals

Mesma Gewebe

Milling gauze
Milling gauze (made of stainless steel)
Milling fabrics (grit gauze)
Milling fabrics (triple extra - heavy quality)

Mesma Riehmen

High- and low pressure fans 

Ersatz- und Verschleissteile

Mesma Sichterstrümpfe

Sleeves for plansifters

Mesma Bodenreiniger

Sieve cleaners and ejectors 

Mesma Zylinderwalzen

Cylindrical rolls for roller mills

Mesma Bleche

Perforated metal sheets
Perforated metal sheets made of steel
Perforated metal sheets made of stainless steel 1.4301/AISI 304
Perforated metal sheets made of stainless steel as screening units for various applications

Mesma Maschinen

Machines and devices

MESMA other products on request

Other products on request